All I Ever Did Was Love A Man Launch - December 1, 2005

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otteys2.jpg attendees8.jpg launch4 pics.jpg
author6.jpg pharma2.jpg launch parents.jpg
launch3pics.jpg music.jpg pfizer presentation.jpg
otteys.jpg launch pics.jpg attendees.jpg
attorney allison.jpg PJ B launch.jpg chairman ottey.jpg
PJB launch 2.jpg pfizer rep.jpg author3.jpg
attendees7.jpg attendees chat.jpg drfaggett launch.jpg
attendees launch.jpg miriamm launch.jpg radio one2.jpg
author2.jpg chatting with attendees.jpg hairston2.jpg
launch presentation.jpg docs.jpg radioone.jpg
audience.jpg emceelaunch.jpg allisons dec 01.jpg
launch phrma rep.jpg launch foster .jpg launch Dec 01.jpg
chairman2 launch.jpg launch chat.jpg author1.jpg

Last updated: 2/16/06